06 Sep
The freshers took their oaths
“The state has not released the hands of the universities, and in fact it provides more resources than ever before,” emphasized László Palkovics, Minister of Innovation and Technology, at the opening ceremony of the UD in the Nagyerdei Stadium. Approximately 10000 freshers are starting the new year.
25 Aug
Export knowledge to Uzbekistan
The leaders of the University of Debrecen met with the delegation of three higher education institutions in Uzbekistan to discuss the experiences of pharmaceutical and agricultural education in Debrecen and the establishment of a Hungarian-Uzbek joint degree programme in these fields.
19 Aug
UD Among the Best Even Concerning Supplementary Entrance Exams
Among universities in Hungary, UD has been one of the most popular choices of students taking supplementary entrance examinations. A total of more than nine hundred applications have been received for admission to as many as 86 programs.
19 Aug
The Summer Academy Was a Big Hit
Faculty of Music of the UD hosted Young Musicians’ Summer Academy for the twentieth time this year. There were as many as 170 participants from sixteen different countries at the traditional music course event, which was crowned with several concerts performed by Zoltán Kodály World Youth Orchestra.
18 Aug
Possibilities across the Borders
UD normally offers eight BA/BSc programs of seven of its faculties in this framework, and the application forms for these can be submitted by the students in August and September at the institutions located abroad.
17 Aug
“Frozen Smoke” Used for Protecting the Environment
Using a recent innovation discovered by chemists at the University of Debrecen, it is possible to remove toxic aqueous mercury pollution from the environment without endangering wildlife or other living organisms. The publication on special aerogels appeared in Chemosphere.
12 Aug
Health Tourism Trainee Practice in Italy
Students of the Health Tourism specialization at the Faculty of Health of the UD can now spend time both in Italy and in Transylvania to acquire professional expertise through practice and internship. One of the partners of this ERASMUS+ program project is the Csíkszereda Faculty of HUT..
11 Aug
Lentil in a Supercomputer
The full genomic sequence of lentil is currently explored with the help of a supercomputer at the UD by the researchers of Centre for Agricultural Genomics and Biotechnology. This research has been selected as one of the ten most interesting projects of Governmental Agency for IT Development.
11 Aug
High-Tech Solutions for Preserving the Wild Horses
In the area of Hortobágy, artificial intelligence is used for saving the endangered Asian wild horses. Researchers from the UD apply drones to examine the way of life of Przewalski’s horses living on the premises of Hortobágy National Park. The data received then processed with Microsoft’s Azure.
03 Aug
Foundation of UD Registered
The Tribunal of Debrecen has registered the Count István Tisza Foundation for the University of Debrecen, which will be responsible for maintaining and operating the University of Debrecen. With this major step, the model change in tertiary education has reached another milestone at UD.

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