BA program

  • Program name: Ethnography

  • Program duration: 6 semesters

  • Program form: full-time

  • Major orientation: practice oriented

  • Specialization: museology

  • Number of credits required for BA: 180

  • Foreign language requirement: complex B2 language exam certificate

  • Degree specification in diploma: Ethnography BA in the humanities


Ethnography BA objectives and outcomes include

- introduction into the basics of ethnography, European ethnology and cultural anthropology, in order to help students acquire the following skills and aptitudes that enable them to

- understand their own culture and other cultures,

- shape the cultural identities of minor or major communities, 

- be tolerant towards foreign cultures,

- be competent in cultural research, 

- understand and interpret the past and present operating procedures of culture,

- handle the methods of ethnographical collection, museology practices, data processing and archiving,

- and conduct fieldwork.


Graduates completing the course of studies will have sufficient knowledge to continue by taking the second cycle of the program.


Upon completing the BA program in ethnography, graduates will be able to

  • use and utilize for practical purposes the acquired material, critical literature, concepts and terminology of the major subject matters of ethnography;
  • contribute to the formation of opinions related to the traditional culture of Hungarians and other peoples of Europe, as well as to conducting analyses of these opinions;
  • present and take into consideration ethnographical analyses according to a variety of viewpoints.


Furthermore, they will be able to

  • work in various positions requiring a knowledge of ethnography;
  • and carry out tasks creatively in the fields of public education, museology, mass communication and culture research.
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