• Teacher of Ethnography and Ethnology (Our homeland and its people(s)) only for a 2nd teaching major

  • Program duration: 4 + 1 years

  • Degree specification in the diploma: certified teacher of ethnography

  • Program form: full-time

  • Admission requirement: GCSE + career aptitude test

  • Find the program structure/description at: https://tanarkepzes.unideb.hu/hu/osztatlan-tanarkepzes

Specific competencies involved

    • The program content concerning our homeland and its people(s) is inter-disciplinary and holistic.
    • It includes the system of the conceptual apparatus of the program that can be taught and acquired at several different levels,
    • provides instruction concerning special forms of empirical knowledge transfer and the varieties of the learning environment,
    • comprises the internationally available experience, trends and chief criteria of teaching the field and a special measurement and evaluation procedure.


The objective of the program is to train teachers with a knowledge of ethnography and pedagogy, who are able to

    • convey and transfer knowledge concerning the treasures of Hungarian cultural heritage and their salient features in Hungarian public education, vocational training, adult education,  higher education and  teacher training,
    • plan and design pedagogical research projects and development tasks as well as prepare for continuing studies in doctoral schools,
    • exercise problem-solving techniques in a broad circle of application,
    • critically evaluate and appreciate the current research findings and academic publications in the fields of ethnography, cultural anthropology and museology, and incorporate these into their teaching schedules and curricula.


Chief areas of application or employment of the teacher’s certificate of Ethnography and Ethnology

    • teaching the subject covering our homeland and its people(s)
    • preparing the material on homeland knowledge in the local curricula
    • extra teaching activities beyond classes (study circles, work on homeland knowledge, expert presentation and/or collection, of elements of cultural heritage, etc.)
    • curating local history collections or school collections
    • teaching our homeland and its people(s) in public education and in institutions of teacher training (for kindergartens, grade schools, high schools and museums).
    • The program for teacher of Ethnography and Ethnology training offered at the Department of Ethnography of the University of Debrecen (the predecessor of which used to be a program for training teachers of ethnography) is the first ever teacher training program in the nation that is meant to transfer knowledge of ethnography and national cultural heritage consciously, conceptionally and with an eye to long-term objectives and needs, whose aim is to train teachers capable of imparting and mediating up-to-date ethnographical-ethnological information and elements of national cultural heritage to pupils and students of Hungarian grade and high schools.
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